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August 10, 2018

It has been a little more than a month since our wedding!! What?! Where did the time go? “How’s married life?” seems to be  the question I’ve gotten asked the most ever since I have become a wife. And I usually just go blank and awkwardly respond one word — “good” because I don’t know if people are actually interested to know or they are just trying to start a conversation, or both. Or am I overthinking it? Most likely! I admit I am not good at small talks and I don’t think that question can be answered in a few words but at the same time I don’t wanna go too deep to scare people away. (I am definitely overthinking.)

So, one day I asked Mitch while we were having dinner at home, “What is your favourite part about being married? How’s our married life?” He said “ I like that we can be ourselves. We are like friends, so used to each other and doing lives together.” Man…I wish that was my answer to people.  No fancy word nor crazy story. Just a real and honest response. 

Although newlyweds’ life is exciting, sometimes it can be pretty routine. I finally understand what people mean when they say wait until your honeymoon is over. I am not saying we are bored with each other already and all the romance disappears. But a new season is definitely different and takes time to adjust. These days, our lives are filled with practical things like, to-do list, paper work (gosh!!! I really need to get on it), housework, budgeting, grocery list, future planning, dreaming, praying, cleaning, and the list goes on. Especially I am a sucker of doing the same thing over and over again, I was feeling a little discouraged, emotional and tired from the couple of weeks.

But by God’s grace and an understanding husband, I slowly but surely find it enjoyable! Mitch and I have learned a lot about each other. I gotta say one thing I love the most about being married is dinner time. When we both sit at the dinner table (house rule: no screen/electronic during dinner), eat, and share how our days went. It is the best! So simple and ordinary but I do not take it for granted. For us, it’s the time to connect and slow down.

As you can see, this blog post is not in order whatsoever, and my thoughts are so scattered. These thoughts literally just comes as I am writing it. No planning ahead and I probably won’t edit it. I am excited for August. Mitch told me the other day with his sense of humour “Our next open weekend is in September. hahaha” I just smiled with joy. I find this new lifestyle challenging (sometimes don’t even know why) but am also loving it or at least trying to embrace it and appreciate it as much as I can. After all, we say yes to the things we love, but that doesn’t mean we do it perfectly.



Here are some pics from our wedding 🙂


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