How My Perspective On Blogging Has Changed | 2019

What a crazy season it’s been! Can you believe we’re already halfway through the year?

I knew 2019 would be a year of breakthroughs and changes, but it’s funny how I thought it’d be a long, slow process. Boy, was I wrong!

After launching my new brand in March, I was fully booked for a few months (praise the Lord!). Things are moving faster than I ever imagined they would. In the middle of having 74297 projects, surviving another tax season, and working with my husband on our new marriage (is it weird that I still feel like we are newlyweds even though we’ve been married for a year and 1 month?), a few months ago God revealed another plan he had for us: a big move!. Not only did He call us to move, but He called us to move into a community house with other young professionals and international students from our church (more on that at another time, but we’ve been LOVING it).

With alllllll the things happening in my life, no wonder I almost quit blogging.

I haven’t blogged since March. I took a break from blogging and posting on social media because there was so much to say, but just not enough words. There was too little time to even sit down and brainstorm, let alone write. I was tired. Really tired. I didn’t know if I could ever get back on track.

You’re probably thinking “it’s just blogging…what’s the big deal?” Well, I don’t want to be a drama queen, but I’ve always loved this space and I missed it a lot. This space allows me to write what I want and share my heart. Blogging is one of those things where I can freely create just because. 

When I finally had some free time this month, I realized how much I love this and how I don’t want to quit. While building a God-centred business and serving my clients are my top priorities, I’ve found it important to remind myself to have fun and to do what I love. Sounds easy, but can be super hard when you have 10 million things on your plate.

Done is better than perfect. My blog doesn’t need to bring me any income, it’s my happy place and it reminds me where I first started before I had a business. Now that I have been running a business for a while and gaining more clients, I have found that it can be easy to lose sight of why I do things because  I am too busy doing everything on my to-do lists – maybe you’ve experienced the same thing. Today I want to encourage and challenge you to sit down and ask yourself, what’s your passion? What brings you joy even if it doesn’t make any profit? Whatever that thing is,go do it!

I am excited to get back to my blog and share my faith and my heart like I used to. I have lots of amazing content planned out – but I will give myself grace if I miss a post every now and then!

Talk soon, friend!