Cynthia Diwar – Brand Launch

At the beginning of 2019, I shared why I chose the word ‘faithfulness’ to be my word of the year. As corny as it may sound, I want 2019 to be a year of God that is centred to His will. This has involved my dream of having a business that speaks God’s truth and holds values of His Kingdom. However, at the beginning of the year my vision still felt a little blurry and out of place, even though I had some idea for what I wanted my brand to look like. I then had the idea of hiring a designer to do a complete rebrand for my business, and that’s when Brianne of Design by Brianne came into the picture.

After our initial video chat, Brianne and I started to brainstorm ideas and bring in different elements that not only represent my personality and style, but also speak directly to my ideal client.

Throughout the branding process, I knew that I wanted something that is timeless and fun, and the final result is a brand that I am so proud to share with all of you. It is so crazy to look back at this little inspiration board and realize how it brings my vision to life.

After having a clearer direction for what my brand would look like in terms of style, colour, and vibe, Brianne began her logo design process.

Check out the logo variations and patterns that she created below!


The olive branch symbolizes unity, peace, and fruitfulness. Immediately after Brianne presented this design concept to me, I was reminded of the story of Noah and the ark, which describes a dove returning to the ark with an olive leaf, a sign of life after the devastating floods. This is exactly what I want my brand to emanate – hope and promises.



I love the inspiration behind my brand pattern! Brianne knows that faith is such a big part of my life, so she intentionally designed a subtle and fun cross pattern. I love how simple, yet special it is. Moreover, we used the olive branches again for another pattern, because why not?! I can’t wait to implement these beautiful patterns in my marketing materials, business cards, and more!

So what do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts below!


P.S. I cannot thank Brianne enough for her hard work and dedication. I am so glad I made the decision to invest in my own business. It’s so worth it!!

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