Keeping Up With The Diwars: Outsourcing, Business Launch, Jury Duty…

January 16, 2019

I am a doer, and one of my superpowers is execution. As a matter of fact, that’s what I do for a living. I am an administrative assistant for six partners in a busy accounting firm. I do a little bit of everything, from client onboarding to marketing to handling account receivable to dealing with the CRA on a daily basis.

One of my most important responsibilities is making things happen in a timely manner AND with minimal mistakes (it’s not pretty if you accidentally put an extra zero on a tax return, just saying). On top of my job, I work on my blog and my small business as a virtual assistant for creative entrepreneurs.

For me, the period of time from the end of January to the end of April is the busiest season of my life because it is tax season. I usually work 9.5 hours a day for two weeks straight in late February–and don’t even get me started on what happens in April. Last year I had paper cuts on all of my fingers after I efiled around 1000 returns in one week in April. While I kind of like tax season because it is like “game time,” where everyone is alert and cheering each other on, working 9.5 hours for 30 days straight is a nightmare.

As for Mitch, he is a Crossfit coach and a personal trainer. He is starting a course in February which focuses on athlete injury and rehabilitation. We are so excited to see how this course is going to bring more opportunities for him.

Mitch also received a letter from the government just after Christmas calling him to be on jury duty. The trial is going to take place in February (same time as his course starts) and is expected to proceed for 38 days, which means that Mitch won’t be able to work for that length of time. We have heard mixed views and opinions about jury duty from different friends. In a situation like this, we feel like all we can do is pray and see what God will do.

With that being said, we know we need a plan:

  1. Mitch is coaching more classes this month in order to cover his lost income in February.

  2. I am batch-working all of my blog posts ahead of time so that I don’t need to worry about them from February to April, meaning that I’ll still be able to post consistently during tax season.

  3. I am outsourcing., which I am so happy that I have finally started doing.  While I could definitely do all the behind the scenes work such as designing my website, editing, and branding, it’s time to ask for help. I used to be so afraid to actually invest in my dream business because of two things: (1)I felt like I had barely got started and I didn’t think I could pay anyone to help me; and (2)  my pride told me that I don’t need help.

But the truth is that I do need help. I am so glad that I decided to hire a brand designer who I I will be working with in February. Not only will this give me accountability, but it will also give me clarity about what I truly want my business to be. I am also so glad to be paying my friend Liz to edit all my posts. She is extremely talented and detail-oriented. I love that she is my dear friend and that I get to do this with her. Working with her has been a huge blessing for me. I’ve got my time back and I’ve gained a buddy who gives me valuable feedback along the way.

What are your hopes and dreams for this year? I pray that in whatever you do, your dreams will be aligned with God’s heart and He will use you and bless you in a life-changing way. Share your thought in the comments. I’d love to pray for you!!

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