Turn Barriers Into Buyers:
Post-Launch Performance Calculator

Uncover where people dropped off and what to fix for your next launch, so you can make more sales without starting from scratch.

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It’s time to turn pitch crickets into paid clients, so you can make more while doing less!

You MUST get your hands on this free calculator if…

✅ You made a few sales from your last launch…but it felt SO slow! People were just browsing without taking action. You tried to be consistent and kept talking about your stuff, but you could NOT wait to get it over with because your emotions were consuming you. 

✅ The momentum of your launch seemed to have been lost before it even began. You’re sick and tired of thinking “will anyone buy?”, talking about your offer, and fearing people might think you’re too salesy. You know your launch could be better, but you’re not sure about the what and the how.

✅ You felt like a broken record, repeating the same deal, same benefits, same features, yet people still came to you with objections. Or worse, people didn’t seem to care—or even notice—although you KNEW what you offer was SO valuable! You just didn’t know WHAT TO SAY.

Your last launch was nothing like the release of T Swift’s Eras Tour?

Why You Need It:


Gather a few numbers and plug em in, the equation will tell you exactly where you’ve missed the marks and what to do going forward


Know exactly how to skyrocket your next launch without starting from scratch or letting emotions consume you. It’s time to make data-driven decisions! Deal? 


The only 3 things you need to pay attention if you want to make more sales 



hi friend, cynthia here!

I’m a copywriter and sales coach. My mission is to empower business owners with messaging strategies and mindset mastery, so that they can stand out, sell well, and serve more!

I was one who talked down myself and locked my ideas in a box because I didn’t think I was worthy enough to dream big...

But it wasn’t until I began letting go of my negative self-talk and showing up even in the unglamorous moments, that I began to believe in my purpose.

Because I know finding confidence and security in what you’re called to do isn’t always the easiest...my calling is to help you show up unashamed, own your purpose, and serve the world in ways that only you can serve. To remind you that you’re known, worthy, and strong. And your brand messaging can be a reflection of that.

I know there’s a lot of noise out there about how to market your business and attract dream clients. My goal is to help you quiet the noise. 

Whether the noise comes in the form of education from experts, tactics that don’t seem to fit with you and your business or you simply not knowing where to start, quieting the noise means you’ll actually be able to dig deep into your true passion and focus on the people you're meant to serve.

It’s only when we start with your calling that we can find the details that truly matter to both you and your dream clients.

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