How to create a solid launch plan using my rinse and repeat process

Exactly what to do to prime your audience and create a waitlist of people who can’t wait to buy from you

How to simplify your marketing strategy and avoid last minute launch madness. 

iN this guide, YOU'LL LEARN:

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Justine Steel

Business coach

Before I had my website and copy redone, I basically never used my website and actually preferred that people didn't see it. It was DIY and the copy I had written didn't reflect my new niche. Now I constantly share my website and link it to where I can so potential clients can easily learn more about my brand. I'm getting new sign-up to my email list every day from people visiting my website.

Cynthia was professional and prompt. She was also incredibly receptive to feedback and really helped me find clarity when I was feeling indecisive.

It seriously would have taken me FOREVER to get it done, and wouldn't have had the same finesse as it does now.


Bella franscia

brand and website designer

I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to be able to find a copywriter who understands my voice and vision. Cynthia was able to translate my thoughts and vision into words that not only sound like me, but also connect with my dream clients.

I have always had a difficult time finding a copywriter who would understand the message I would like to deliver. After working with Cynthia, my website has been connecting with so many potential clients on so many different levels. I would have to say, Cynthia goes above and beyond with her services.
Definitely looking forward to be working with her again!

Kind Words...

My mission is to help you fine tune your brand messaging, create purposeful content, and show up more consistently online so that you can build an iconic brand and do more of what you love.  

I wanted a place for all types of online entrepreneurs to come together and unite in their passion for making profits online. 

I wanted a real place on the internet. You know, somewhere we could talk about our amazing experiences, and somewhere to joke about the hard times we've all had. (Or cry about them. Totally up to you.)

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