Here’s the thing. You don't have to do your launch copy, strategy, email funnel, and pre-launch content by yourself. Heck, you SHOULDN'T figure this out alone.

I'm READY to help you create a solid step-by-step plan and write copy that truly reflects the value of your offer and get people excited to swipe their CC!

I hear you loud and clear, you're in the right place.

Imagine finally launch your product that doesn't feel like "hit go and finger cross" because every step of your launch plan is intentional and tailored to the needs and desires of your target audience.



A 4-week, 1-on-1 custom experience to turning your ideas into powerful, engaging copy that connects and converts.

Infuse your personality, values, and passion into your launch copy so that you can build a deeper connection with your audience and sell your offer without feeling sales-y.

You're not just hiring me to write words, I take a holistic view at your brand voice, messaging, UVP to help you communicate the value of your product to your ideal customer effectively.

Get crystal clear on your priorities and understand exactly what needs to happen to build a waitlist of fans who can't wait to buy from you and share with their peers without you asking. 

The launch copy package will help you


I purchased a few website copy templates before from other copywriters but none of them had successfully helped me uncover my brand voice and write copy without sounding salesy. So I reached out to Cynthia and she took the time to understand my core values and gave my web copy a makeover! I couldn't be happier with the results.

FINALLY! I can show up online without sounding like a fraud!

If you're happy with the foundational pieces, I will start writing alllll the things - sales page, launch sequence, pre-launch content. I will initiate check-ins via email or Slack and provide relevant updates. Your package comes with 2 rounds of revisions.

After our 1-hour call, I'll pull together a detailed launch plan, timeline, and messaging guide to make sure I understand your goals and your ICA's pain points and dreams. I will send you updates and ask for feedback.

Once we decide to crush your big dreams and goals together, we'll hop on a 1 hour video chat to refine your messaging and dive deep into your ICA's struggles & desire. You'll walk me through your product/service and your beautiful mission so I have everything I need to craft words that captivate! 

My signature process is designed to deliver comprehensive brand messaging, launch timeline, and full launch copy so you can sell your offer with confidence and conversions.

How it Works

Deep dive

strategy & implementation

copy magic!

- Heather lee chapman

Cynthia is incredible! Cynthia wrote my website copy and sales page for my first book launch and I earned the title of Bestselling Author two days after launching.  Hiring Cynthia is one of the best decisions I've made for myself and my business.

Amazon Bestselling Author



Gather all relevant info and dive deep into your offer, ICA, and launch strategy.


Get crystal clear on your messaging and go even deeper into your vision, mission, and brand voice.

I go one step further to ensure your launch is stress-free by putting together a calendar so you know exactly what needs to happen (copy + content wise) to launch your product.


You'll want to come back to this every time when you create content to promote your product and ensure that your brand voice is consistent!

Your pre-launch content is so important bc it's how you hook people in, build awareness + hype, and make sure they're in the right mindset to purchase what you have to sell.





WRAP-UP CALL + bonus swipe files

Not only does your sales page need to capture one's attention, but it needs to overcome their objections and get them to take action NOW, not later.

We'll discuss your launch strategy & I'll get to work and build out a launch sequence (8-12 emails depending on your strategy) that converts.

I'll recap our time and walk you through everything I completed and show you how to implement and repurpose the copy. I'll also send you you swipe files for some bonus social media copy templates, IG story ideas, and more!

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YES! I'M READY could keep buying courses, downloading templates, and taking screenshots of your competitors' content and sales pages. 

what is the investment? cOULD be totally OBSESSED with your own content and email funnel because it's original and so.dang.good.

You could move beyond the hustle and the overwhelm. You could say goodbye to that scattered Google Doc that doesn't get you anywhere.

Friend, let's get you from launch crickets to cha ching!

My mission is to help you fine tune your brand messaging, create purposeful content, and show up more consistently online so that you can build an iconic brand and do more of what you love.  

I'm married to a 6'3 Crossfit guy (I'm barely 5'1) and we live in Vancouver, BC! I love reading thrillers and watching the Avengers! Seriously, they're the best!

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I'm cynthia. 

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