the messaging mix service

You’re tired of second-guessing your copy: 

Am I too salesy? Is my copy specific enough? Do people actually get what it is that I do? Am I sounding too corporate?

If you’re in need of a copy/messaging makeover...

like yesterday...the Messaging Mix might just be the perfect blend for you, especially if you’re looking for something between custom, done-for-you work and complete DIY options. 
So what is it?


The Messaging Mix is a done-with-you service that provides one 1-on-1 strategy call followed by a 2-hour custom service for YOUR specific and immediate needs. 



One 60-minute strategy call 


2 hours of my time to work on whatever you want me to do (offer narratives, outline for a page or email sequence, pre-launch content, rewrite, etc.). I’ll make suggestions too so you can make back your investment and more just like that 🤌🏻


Email support and access for 2 weeks after the call  

intrigued? keep reading, friend! 


if you know

you need help, you don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with a full’re in the right place. 

After working with many different brands and business owners, I can tell you that the function of copywriting means different things for different people.



- Generate qualified leads consistently 
- Attract the right people and avoid price shoppers
- Turn their value into words that sell



- Fast track their credibility because they know they have so much more to offer.

- Save them time so they can focus on serving their clients without chasing new marketing trends and strategies because their copy is working FOR them.

- Help them cut through the noise and own their unique message so that they can stop comparing themselves to their competitors.

Consider the Messaging Mix as your new favourite money and time well-spent kind of copywriting service, helping you ditch all the overwhelming marketing tactics and lookalike copy phrases. 

your copy needs to do two things: Capture people’s attention + move them to take action. 


No matter what you’re hoping to achieve, 

shop owner 

"Cynthia captured my voice and delivered within hours!!"

I struggled with my website words for the longest time! Thanks to Cynthia, my struggle is over! She is extremely knowledgeable in what she does. She captured my voice and delivered within hours!!! I literally didn’t even have to change anything! So grateful for her work and expertise! 

- katia m.


"I was already in awe after reading the first few sentences of the copy."

I was already in awe after reading the first few sentences of reading the copy. Cynthia really described our mission and overall vision really well, and her words really captured our brand. The process was so easy and the pre-work and the strategy call were so helpful and fun to go through. 

- maria


It’s intentionally designed for you

if you're...

✅ Constantly tweaking your voice, website copy, or sales page to a point you don’t even know what sets you apart anymore

✅ Spending hours writing (and rewriting) your marketing content (like captions and emails) because you have no idea what actually converts

✅ Launching a new offer or wanting to optimize an old one, and wanting to quickly do it so you can actually start doing BUSINESS...instead of playing around with tactics and stuff

✅ Too close to your craft and in need of a strategic partner to help you uncover your X factor! 

✅ Not shabby as a writer, but you always feel like something is OFF in your messaging. 

take me to the application

If you’re still reading this page...

You probably LOVE a good strategic game plan and quick turnaround...and are starting to see that clear messaging is how you improve your sales performance and serve better clients.

...But you can't figure out what to even say ... and the nuts and bolts of sales psychology and saying things in the RIGHT order so that it’s actually effective!? It's beyond you. 

I’ll show up with my second cup of coffee in hand and my full attention to dive into your business and brand messaging so you can have conversion-focused copy and strategy by the end of the day. 


Strategy Call

If your application is approved, you’ll fill out an in-depth questionnaire so I have everything I need to prepare for our strategy call. During the call, we’ll hit the ground running by discussing opportunities and conversion strategy based on your level of experience, audience size, offers, and more! I promise this is NOT a chit-chat/Q&A/pick my brain kind of call. I’ll come prepared, giving you my initial proposal, and we’ll continue to workshop all the details. 


Custom Service 

By the end of our call, you should be able to feel a lot more hopeful and confident about where you’re headed. I’ll then spend 2 hours working on your requested deliverable (1 or 2 items). You’re probably wondering how much I can do in 2 hours, eh? To give you a frame of reference, I’ve successfully accomplished these things for clients in 2 hours:
- One full page copywriting 
- Detailed audit and rewrite for 3 pages 
- Pre-launch content map out 
- Funnel strategy (ideas and outline for a free opt-in and email sequence)
- Ideas for hooks, launch angles, and objection handling talking points


Delivery + Follow Up 

You’ll receive your deliverable(s) by the end of the day, post strategy call. Take your time to review and don’t hesitate to ask questions! I’ll be your in-house strategist for 14 days! 


So...what’s the investment?

Being a smart business owner, I don’t need to tell you that time is money. 

Sure, you can absolutely try to figure it out on your own with free downloads and copywriting templates. But let me ask you -- do you really want to spend any more hours on writing and overthinking and rewriting?

are you ready to show up for your people?

It’s time to ask for help because your ideal clients/customers NEED you. 

✅ They need you to bring your solution to them like you MEAN it. 

✅ They need you to remind them what’s possible for them and make them feel valued and safe. 

✅ They need you to get their attention and inspire them to take action because they’re getting lost in the sea of noise and shiny objects...and they need what you have.  

Let’s level up for 2022! You deserve it. Your people need it.

Here’s the catch though...this is a limited-time offer because I typically spend most of my time working on full packages…so if my schedule gets a little too full, I’ll have to hit pause on doing these. 

But I love hosting intensives and think they are GREAT for those who just can’t (or simply don’t need to) invest in a complete done-for-you project, but need strategic support and quick results! If that’s you, click here to apply. 

If you’ve read this far, chances are you know this is made for you, and I encourage you to reach out. If approved, you’ll receive a link to book a spot in my calendar! 

Want to chat with me first? DM me on Instagram with the word “Mix” and I’ll ask you a few questions to determine if we’re a good fit! (Don’t worry, I won’t send 6 voice memos to pitch myself 🙃nobody got time for that!). 

For just $ get 1-hour consulting + 2 hours of custom service.

take me to the application

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