Ditch perfectionism, information overload, and marketing overwhelm—once and for all.

It’s your turn to have people stop, stay, and say YES to your offer.

Let’s craft copy that start conversations, so you can grow your brand recognition, relationships, and revenue through selling your digital products! 


(We’re talking WEEKLY sales 😉!)

so you already know

you need to sell. Maybe you even believe in what you sell…

But your fear and self-sabotage are holding you back and causing you to second-guess yourself. Somehow, your brain is so capable of assigning meaning (or dare I say - lies) when things don’t go “well” - a.k.a people aren’t responding, clicking, and buying. You’re stuck in the spiral of negativity and self-doubt, thinking you don’t have what it takes, or there’s something wrong with you.

>> I constantly feel like I just suck at marketing/selling. I want to be KNOWN, yet I’m too afraid of being SEEN.

>> I launched a new website/ offering/ course…but yeah–it’s SO SLOW! And nobody seems to care – or even notice. I’m just so dang tired and disappointed, especially after allllll the hard work!

>> I’ve invested in great systems and stunning branding…but I still struggle to meet my booking/sales goals every quarter!

>> I try to be consistent with content posting and have a somewhat good routine, but I still feel like I’m just throwing stuff out there, waiting for people to buy. TBH, I don’t even find my content interesting sometimes - I know it could be better!

>> I so badly want to have an actual marketing plan AND follow through–but my fear keeps me in “planning mode” instead of executing…


You didn’t get into entrepreneurship to prove yourself. You’re here to make a real difference in your clients’ lives! 

IF right now you’re just kind of numb…questioning if you can even impact them for good even though you HAVE over-delivered to your clients! 

We gotta talk!

Listen up!

(This is usually the section of a sales page where the experts and gurus tell you to stop playing small 😂)



What does that mean for you?

If you want to sell your digital products to more people…
You need to master the art of getting people’s attention!

Effective copy is the fastest way to creating real DEMAND for what you’re selling, getting people’s attention, and inspiring them to take action without sounding salesy or looking desparate. 

42% of businesses fail due to lack of demand for their product or service. – North One. 

“Your biggest competition is not your competitors. It’s people who don’t pay attention or take action.”
- From Yours Truly!

“The number one asset for any business, entrepreneur, or personal brand is attention.” Gary Vee

And it’s all in what you say and how you say it! 

Think about it, can you name just one successful entrepreneur who doesn’t have their messaging dialed in? You can’t. 

But first,

we need to dismantle the 3 most dangerous lies most entrepreuners believe:


“If you give enough free value, they’ll buy.”

If that were true, encyclopedia would be a New York Times Bestseller already. Free content doesn’t necessarily mean conversions. Your audience doesn't need more to-dos and free tips. They need to know WHY they need to take action now and how YOU can transform their lives. 

“You just need to show up consistently.”

Sure, consistency does help. But showing up without knowing how to convert is like filling water in a leaky bucket - you're losing a lot of water! Let's make sure you're getting the ROI you want from your marketing effort. You in?


“People don't wanna be sold to.”

Many people think that the ultimate goal of selling is to secure a "yes." My take? A 'yes' is just an added bonus. Selling is really about helping someone make an informed decision, whether they end up saying yes or no. Helping people DECIDE what's truly best for THEM is your job as a salesperson. 





"It feels so natural + good! I see how it positions me as the expert and the potential client feels good too because I'm not trying to "sell." BIG WIN!"

I truly believe this could happen to any business owner who wants to crush their sales goals while feeling oh-so-good in the process.

Here’s the 3-step framework to getting weekly sales:

It’s never fun to have the best intentions and then hear crickets. Let’s focus on what your people need to hear (vs. what you want to say) so that you can start attracting ready-to-invest clients and getting them to ask how they can work with you. Remember, the more conversations you have, the more clients you will be able to have. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

Generate more Conversations

Whether you’re selling 1:1 packages, group programs, or digital products, you’re inviting someone to partner with you. It’s time to get more people to take action through compelling copy and sales strategies. The best part? Once you have this dialed in, you can start selling on autopilot without having to start from scratch every time you need to market your business.

Inspire more Action

As you gain traction, you'll notice the buzz around your new messaging and the momentum it brings. You'll see your brand getting a lift and getting the recognition it deserves! 🚀

Boost Your Recognition

You know you can’t keep growing your business on your own...

you need support.



Revenue Renaissance 

A self-paced program with 1:1 coaching experience for online educators who are ready to achieve weekly sales by selling digital products without complicated launches or creating content for the sake of content creation. 

 I’m IN!!

Are you tired of living every day in the uncertainty of whether or not your program will sell?

Whether you’re grinding on Insta to build an audience to sell to, posting stunning IG story slides only to get overlooked, struggling to create content that has people asking you how they can join your thing, or feeling constantly confused by different sales strategies such as webinars, FB groups, challenges, etc.

I get it.

Many things feel unpredictable and out of your control. 
But, there is ONE THING you have 100% control over— your words. 

RR might be the missing piece that could help you generate consistent $5k, $10k, or $15k a month from your online course or pgrogram.


Your current audience doesn’t engage with your content
You have limited work hours
You’ve previously struggled with knowing what to say during a promotion
Or showing up simply terrifies you…

In a matter of weeks, you can experience these results:

Get your (currently quiet) audience to talk back to you and connect on a deeper level by week 1

Have a waitlist of people wanting to work with you by week 4 even if you have a “small” audience

Achieve weekly sales in 12 weeks or less

Here’s the tea…


Your Quick Start Selling Game Plan

After implementing this section (it only takes an hour to finish), you’d be able to wake up to DMs and email inquiries from people who are READY to invest in working with you because you’re finally reaching the RIGHT people… and,wait a sec ... was that a perfect-fit client that just landed in your DMs?


What you’ll get:

🌟 A powerful (yet simple) READY-TO-INVEST Client breakdown, so you can stop wasting time marketing to people who aren’t going to do anything anyway and start getting better clients buy FASTER! 

🌟 A proven step-by-step Cash Conversation Cheatsheet that helps you guide people to say YES to your offer without looking desperate. Go ahead, download it and use it! 

🌟 A simple Sales Tracker/Calculator that shows you EXACTLY what it take to hit your sales goal without letting emotions get in the way. 

🌟 Plus a collection of plug-and-play copywriting formulas, so you know exactly what to say and how to say it to get people to ask “Hey, can you tell me more about [insert your program]? 

How to get more Yeses! 

Wanna make more sales? You gotta make it EASY for people to say yes. There are 8 components that make an offer a no-brainer! Get ready to sell your offer with ease regardless of the price point! 


What you’ll get:

🌟 How to create a no-brainer offer your people can’t wait to buy…yup, I’m giving it all away here. The best part? By the end you finish this, you’ll be able to communicate the PROMISE of your offer with confidence! 

🌟 Plus a proven framework that can help you use your offer to overcome objections so that more people will say YES!  

🌟 The real-life examples and copy and paste copy of irresistible offers so you know how to talk about your offer with excitement. 

How to sell more without working more

This is where selling becomes easy and effortless because you have a proven system in place. Now it’s a matter of refining your messaging so you can start scaling your income and impact!


What you’ll get:

🌟 From website copy to social posts, launch strategy to sales narrative, you have EVERYTHING you need to turn your value into words that sell. Never worry about what to say and how to say it again!

🌟 A 4-week marketing routine that gets your people primed and ready for your pitch.

🌟 Access to a resource library of copywriting formulas and sales page templates that convert! 

🌟 Plus, my client-favorite Instagram Storyboard Templates, so you can increase your story views and keep people watching and engaged!

Here’s the process:


ready for the most no-brainer deal?

Yup, you could keep posting here and there, hoping and praying people will finally understand or even notice what you’re trying to sell. 

OR, you could ditch perfectionism, information overload, and marketing overwhelm—once and for all.

You could move beyond browsers…and start getting buyers as soon as next week. 

Let’s get you to pitch crickets to paid clients! 

My 1:1 clients happily invest 4 figures for me to help navigate their launches and write their copy, but you won’t pay that today. 

You can get instant, lifetime access to my proven system and templates


In just 90 days or less, you will have weekly sales from your program and love the way you sell! Do your homework and ask questions! I’m here for you! 


One week from day, you’ll have people wanting to work with you, and only you! You will also have more conversations that you previously have in the past. Get ready to see some major momentum in your business. Most students made their money back in the first 2 weeks after joining. 


Click any button on this page, and boom: you’ll get an email in a few minutes with login details and private access to the portal. I will also personally DM you in the portal to get your 1:1 access set up!


 for just $190 today! 


"I have already booked over 3 clients since joining Revenue Renaissance!"

"Having Cynthia as a coach was the best experience ever. She made sure each lesson given was explained carefully. She has provided the best support system!"


"RR and everything Cynthia has built has completely changed the way I approach sales!"

"Her templates and tools have vastly improved my copywriting and conversions and empowered me to sell with confidence! Since starting RR I’ve booked over $10K directly from using the method and templates! And honestly not putting that much content out there. Cynthia’s coaching and feedback are invaluable to me and probably the best part of RR. She’s so good at cutting through fluff and noise and drawing out the heart of your message in a way that resonates with your market."

Business Coach

"It's all so practical!"

Focusing in and defining my offer narrative and the offer framework have been game changers both for myself and the engagement I'm seeing with my audience. Those principles and lessons are wonderful, but the 1:1 work review is worth the price of the program alone.


Brand & Website Designer


Systems Strategist

Your investment for Revenue Renaissance?

I’m in!! 

Did someone say BONUSES?

Here’s what you’ll get for FREE when you sign up today! 

1:1 Work Review! 

This is my personal fav feature of this program! Real-time, direct support from Yours Truly who will actually look at your work when you need it and co-create your messaging together! Simply submit your work via the Feedback Form or post your questions in the portal, and I’ll respond with personalized insight and re-writes.

1:1 Checkin plus One SOS Coaching Call

I will initiate 1:1 weekly check in for 90 days to make sure you’re on track and have all your questions answered. You also get a SOS Coaching Call for free so you get super supported when you need it! 

Healthy Selling Mindset Training

I get it. You don’t wanna be salesy or come across as pushy. Consider this your pep talk training that will change the way you think about sales so you can finally show up with confidence and boldness! 

I want these bonuses! 

one-time payment of $750

let's do this!

$190 for 4 months

I wanna make sure you’re happy! 

Because I believe so fully in this program, I'm proud to offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

If you have implemented what you’ve learned in the program and are not happy with the results, you can email me within 90 days for a full refund.

Sounds good! I’m in! 


  • Lifetime Access to my proven systems to get weekly sales
  • Student-only library for all the templates and resources for your copy, sales page, social media copy, and more! 
  • 1:1 Personalized work review (free bonus)
  • 1:1 Voxer Access and One SOS Coaching Call (free bonus)
  • Healthy Selling Mindset Training (free bonus)

What if there’s a way you could reach your sales goal every single quarter while LOVING the way you sell – all without posting content for the sake of content creation?

Still not sure if this is a good fit for you? Click that video thingy on the right buttom corner and shoot me a message. I’ll get back to you asap!