The best email marketing platform I’ve ever used

The money is in the list.  You’ve probably heard this saying more than once. I didn’t understand the importance of building an email list and nurturing my leads when I first started my business. Setting up a newsletter sign-up form on my website was all I did to “build” my list. 

For the last year and a half, I’ve tried various different email platforms, testing each one to see which is the most user-friendly and visually appealing, and has the highest open rates. The very first email marketing platform I used was Mailchimp. Believe me when I tell you that it was not a good experience. I won’t get into the details, but Mailchimp was not the platform for me for two main reasons: 1) My emails often ended up in my audience’s spam folder; 2) The formating was hard to figure out. I was never satisfied with the look of my emails. They looked boring and the customization was limited. 

I then switched to Mailerlite. It felt like such a great upgrade when I first switched over. It’s so much more user-friendly and the dashboard clearly shows all my campaigns and workflows. All in all, I’d still recommend this platform to people, including my clients, but I’ve found something even better. 



INSERT FLODESK — a simple email marketing tool to help you create gorgeous, high impact emails that you feel 101% proud of.


The best email marketing platform I’ve ever used The best email marketing platform I’ve ever used





While Flodesk still functions as an email marketing tool with options to send email campaigns, set up welcome sequences, and deliver opt-in downloads, it does so much more than that. 




My favourite thing about Flodesk has to be its email templates, which have me and my subscribers regularly using the heart-eyes emoji because they look so freaking good! When I first discovered this company, I couldn’t believe what I saw.


When first signing up for Flodesk, you will need to put in some basic information, such as your company name and address. Then, comes one of my favourite features — saving your brand colours and logos in the account settings, so that every time you create a new campaign, the template you choose will automatically generate your logo and brand colours. It makes customization a breeze.




With other platforms, I always felt like it was so hard to get the look and feel I wanted for my emails. I used to feel so frustrated, spending hours trying to get everything lined up correctly or looking decent in both desktop and mobile views. 


In Flodesk,  it is so easy to customize emails and make edits. I love that I can edit my emails right in the email body (instead of ….?). It is also super easy to change fonts, headings, and the overall format of your emails. I now regularly create pretty emails within less than 10 minutes. I am not joking! 




Flodesk is not a free tool, but with a monthly subscription fee, you get unlimited subscribers and immediate access to all of Flodesk’s features. The monthly subscription fee is $38, but Flodesk also allows their private beta users (like me) to offer others a 50% off lifetime monthly subscription. Instead of paying $38 per month, you can lock in a monthly fee of $19 FOREVER via this link! 


I know there are free email marketing platforms out there, but I promise you that this will be one of the best investments you make for your business. One of the downsides of using a free tool is that it’s easy to forget about it,. and three months after signing up for it, you realize you have not sent out a single email to your subscribers. I’m sure you don’t want that! 


Since joining Flodesk, I have sent emails more consistently and have felt more motivated to send emails and build my email list because I feel like I have FINALLY found the perfect email marketing tool for my business. Here’s a pro tip: when you feel confident about what you do, you will be more likely to want to put in the work, and results will come. 


What email marketing platform are you using? Do you have any more questions about Flodesk? 


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