Do I really need this? Can’t I just sell on IG?

Here’s the thing: you can market your business on IG all day long and you may even have amazing content BUT...

...ultimately you still need to lead people to a central place (aka your website) to buy whatever that you’re trying to sell.

Hate to break this to you but if your website copy is not conversion-focused, you’re going to lose people right there and then. 

Maybe you're wondering

Still not convinced?

Have you ever put something in your grocery cart because you think you needed it and then removed it at the checkout? That’s what happens when we focus on crafting a curated feed rather than the words on our website. 

Your website’s job is not only to attract people and capture their attention, but it’s also to make them stay long enough and take action. 

So let me ask you — how confident are you that someone will stick around and pay for your products or services when they land on your website? 

Don’t worry. I’m here to help! 

Sound impossible? Keep reading! 

Infuse your personality, values, and passion into your brand message so that you can attract the right (and better) clients who respect you and can't wait to work with you.

Craft a compelling brand message that STICKS! It's how you hook your ideal customer in, build a group of loyal fans, and make them sell FOR you.

Define who you dream client is (trust me, you need more than a random worksheet that asks you to give your ideal client a name...just saying) and know exactly HOW to speak to them.

The website copy package will help you


I purchased a few website copy templates before from other copywriters but none of them had successfully helped me uncover my brand voice and write copy without sounding salesy. So I reached out to Cynthia and she took the time to understand my core values and gave my web copy a makeover! I couldn't be happerier with the results.

FINALLY! I can show up online without sounding like a fraud!

It's time to turn your jumble of thoughts into words that sell.

It's my job to help you refine your brand messaging and create a compelling message that connects and converts.

Continue to grow your brand and connect with your dream customers like never before!

Refine your current strategies and processes and map out our game plan.

Uncover your true voice and dive deep into your ideal client's struggles and desires

My signature process is designed to deliver comprehensive brand messaging, crystal clear dream client profile, and full website copy so you can launch your site with confidence and conversions.

How it Works

Identity deep dive

strategy mapping

word mastery

Legacy Brand Optimization

So you're ready to...

Bring the power of story-telling to your brand so you can connect with dream customers and sell more.

Let your website copy do the heavy-lifting for you. Aka attracting and converting the right people you WANT to help and work with.

Get back to your zone of genius and stop staring at a blank page.

Not just build an audience but actually establish authority in your niche. 

Stand out from the crowd and share your passion with confidence and clarity.

- Heather lee chapman

Cynthia is incredible! Cynthia wrote my website copy and sales page for my first book launch and I earned the title of Bestselling Author two days after launching. 

Cynthia is now on my team providing vetted support for all my content marketing needs! She thinks outside the box and keeps me accountable. Hiring Cynthia is one of the best decisions I've made for myself and my business.

Amazon Bestselling Author

fresh copy in 2 weeks

I'm ready! Let's chat!

•Strategy Questionnaire + Brand Voice Guide
• One 60 minutes Clarity Session
• Done-For-You: three core pages of your website (e.g., Home, About, Services)
• Full Brand Messaging Style Guide - dream client profile, elevator pitch, mission statement, and more
• 7 Social Media Captions to build hype and cultivate a community for your launch
• Two rounds of revisions 

Timeline: 2-3 Weeks
Average clients spend: $2,997 CAD

P.S. Add-on pages are available 

what you get...

I need marketing support instead!

done-for-you: blog, captions, pinterest, and more

My mission is to help you fine tune your brand messaging, create purposeful content, and show up more consistently online so that you can build an iconic brand and do more of what you love.  

I'm married to a 6'3 Crossfit guy (I'm barely 5'1) and we live in Vancouver, BC! I love reading thrillers and watching the Avengers! Seriously, they're the best!

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I'm cynthia. 

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