Ya know what's worse? 

Buying all the courses, downloading all the freebies to learn all the marketing trends, and doing all the right things but it’s been weeks and you haven’t gotten any new client yet. 

Watching "the competition" (can you even call her that?) work with dreamy clients and you start to question what’s wrong with me?! (spoiler alert: there’s nothing wrong with you, friend!)
And wanting SO badly to get people recognize and remember your brand not because you want to be popular but you *know* you have something valuable to share and you CAN’T WAIT to go above and beyond to serve your people! 

You’re tired of second-guessing: Am I attracting my ideal clients? Does my website convert? Do people even understand what da heck I do? 

BUT, you can't seem to get them through the door…


I purchased a few website copy templates before from other copywriters but none of them had successfully helped me uncover my brand voice and write copy without sounding salesy. So I reached out to Cynthia and she took the time to understand my core values and gave my web copy a makeover! I couldn't be happerier with the results.

FINALLY! I can show up online without sounding like a fraud!

Give me 2 weeks, and I'll have you telling your unique brand story with confidence + selling your offers that grow both bank accounts and major impact.

I see you!

And you’re in the right place!

Meet the 2 week brand messaging + copy experience

Infuse your personality, values, and passion into your website words and overall brand messaging so that you know exactly what you need to say and how to say it in order to build a strong brand and grow your revenue!

Craft a compelling message that STICKS! It's how you hook your ideal clients in, build strong relationships, and get them to TAKE ACTION!

Show up as an empowered CEO and get crystal clear on who your ideal client is.

The brand messaging & website copy experience will help you

If you're happy with what I've completed so far, I will start writing all the pages. I will initiate check-ins via email and send you first drafts for review. Your package comes with 2 rounds of revisions. 

After our 1-hour intensive, I'll pull together a site map and brand messaging guide to make sure I understand your goals and your customer journey. I will send you a video to explain my strategy in full. This process also involves market research and interviews with your target audience (yup, I'll be your stalker for you, you're welcome!).

Once we decide to crush your big dreams and goals together, we'll hop on a 1 hour video chat to refine your messaging and dive deep into your ICA's struggles & desires. You'll walk me through your product/service and your beautiful mission so I have everything I need to turn your vision into words that captivate! 

My signature process is designed to deliver comprehensive brand messaging, crystal clear dream client profile, and full web copy so you can connect with your dream clients/customers effectively and sell your offers seamlessly!

How it Works

Deep dive

strategy & implementation

copy magic

Week 1

Week 2

launch prep

Once everything is finalized, I'll deliver all the goodness via Google Drive. Your copy will be wireframed, ready for you or your designer to use. I'll arm you with a detailed checklist for your website launch + your Brand Messaging guide so that you know EXACTLY what you need to do next to make the most out of your website copy!

So you're ready to...

Bring the power of storytelling to your brand so you can connect with dream clients and grow your revenue with ease!

Let your copy do the heavy lifting for you. Aka attracting and converting the right people you WANT to help and work with.

Get back to your zone of genius and stop staring at a blank page.

Establish authority in your niche and build a strong brand that stays on top of mind.

Stand out from the crowd and share your passion with confidence and clarity.

- Heather lee chapman

Cynthia is incredible! Cynthia wrote my website copy and sales page for my first book launch and I earned the title of Bestselling Author two days after launching. 

Cynthia is now on my team providing vetted support for all my content marketing needs! She thinks outside the box and keeps me accountable. Hiring Cynthia is one of the best decisions I've made for myself and my business.

Amazon Bestselling Author

-Strategy Questionnaire & Brand Voice Guide
-One 60 Minutes Clarity Session
-Full Copywriting for 3 Core Pages of Your Website
-Final Brand Messaging Guide
-Individual attention for 2 weeks
-Two Rounds of Revisions 

what you get...

my 1-day vip intensive is for you!

schedule a free discovery call!

more pages can be added on. A custom proposal will be created for the client.

I take on only 1 major project at a time, so you're my focus for our 2 weeks. 

I'm looking for a refresh instead.

2 spots left for 2020! Let's chat!


Justine Steel

Business coach

Before I had my website and copy redone, I basically never used my website and actually preferred that people didn't see it. It was DIY and the copy I had written didn't reflect my new niche. Now I constantly share my website and link it to where I can so potential clients can easily learn more about my brand. I'm getting new sign-up to my email list every day from people visiting my website.

Cynthia was professional and prompt. She was also incredibly receptive to feedback and really helped me find clarity when I was feeling indecisive.

It seriously would have taken me FOREVER to get it done, and wouldn't have had the same finesse as it does now.


Bella franscia

brand and website designer

I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to be able to find a copywriter who understands my voice and vision. Cynthia was able to translate my thoughts and vision into words that not only sound like me, but also connect with my dream clients.

I have always had a difficult time finding a copywriter who would understand the message I would like to deliver. After working with Cynthia, my website has been connecting with so many potential clients on so many different levels. I would have to say, Cynthia goes above and beyond with her services.
Definitely looking forward to be working with her again!

Kind Words...

I've served photographers, brand designers, online educators, and coaches scale their businesses and sell high-ticket items through copywriting and strategic marketing.

My mission is to help you fine tune your brand messaging, create purposeful content, and show up more consistently online so that you can build an iconic brand and do more of what you love.  

I'm married to a 6'3 Crossfit guy (I'm barely 5'1) and we live in Vancouver, BC! I love reading thrillers and watching the Avengers! Seriously, they're the best!

And friend, I built my business to help you build yours. You deserve a business that you're proud to welcome people in and words can help you do that! 

Are you ready?

get to know me

I'm cynthia. 

And just who am i ?

let's hop on a quick call to make sure!

If this all sounds like we'd be a good fit...