3 Things Your Brand Messaging Needs To Win Dream Clients

Do you feel like your copy just isn’t working for you? Go back to your messaging. 


But first… what is a brand message?

Brand messages and mission statements often get mistaken for each other. Your mission statement describes what you do and the transformations your products or services can deliver. Your brand message involves much more than that. The simplest way to understand what a brand message is is by looking at it as a story — a journey that showcases the past, present, and future of your business.


It is a combination of your value propositions, strengths, personal values, tagline(s), and dream client profile, summarized in a way that resonates with the people you want to serve. I know – this sounds like a lot. That’s why this blog post primarily focuses on uncovering your unique value propositions so that you can start crafting words that connect and convert.


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Why is your brand messaging important?


1. It’s a blueprint for any words you write for your business

Having a brand message style guide (similar to a moodboard or colour palette) for your business allows you to work smarter instead of harder. Whether you’re writing copy for your website, blog, social media or email list, you can use this guide to keep your messaging consistent and memorable across all platforms.

2.It affects your ideal client’s decision-making process

We’ve all made impulse purchases at some point in our life – we are emotional buyers after all! Your brand message can direct the conversation that goes on in your customer’s head when they are considering whether they pull out their credit card or close your website tab. It shifts their perspective from “nah…I don’t need this” to “take my money now!”.

3.It helps you sell your products and/or services with confidence

Do not over exaggerate the end results you can deliver. Read that again!  There is a difference between (a) showing confidence in your work and painting a clear picture of how your customer’s life would be different if they work with you, and (b) straight up vomiting big, unrealistic promises and extra bonuses to make it sound like a crazy good deal! Your brand message guide will help you cut out all the unnecessary fluff and salesy tactics.

4.It makes people remember who you are and how you do things differently

You know you have a strong brand when your audience can tell your story FOR you. Companies like Cultivate What Matters and Nike are great examples of this. When people hear about these brands, they immediately *know* what they are about. These companies are not afraid of repeating their mission statements and taglines over and over again, because those are what makes them special!

5.It is not a once and done kind of thing.

Identifying your brand message is a process that involves discovering your unique personal values, mission and vision that can then be reflected in your brand. It takes time, attention to detail, and careful application to master the art of building a storytelling-focused brand. 

Now that you have a better understanding of what a brand message is, let’s talk about the three ingredients every brand message needs in order to captivate (and keep) your prospective client’s attention and make them fall in love with you and your business.



People crave connection, but are sold by clarity. Your brand message needs to tell your audience the who, what, why, and how. Having straightforward and transparent words and phrases that you use for your business is fundamental. You can have pretty visuals and the most beautiful logo, but without words, well, good luck with selling.

People buy what they understand and trust. If your messaging isn’t clear — meaning people don’t know what you do, who you serve, and how you do it differently– it doesn’t matter how likable or talented you are, you’re not going to attract and convert. Need more help to craft a crystal clear mission statement, brand bio, or even your inquiries email response?

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Just as you may have a colour palette you stick to for your blog design and graphics, the words you use on your website and in social media posts need to be consistent and reflect not only your brand voice, but also what you stand for as a business owner. For example, Nike’s main message is super clear and consistent. Whether you’re on their online store or you see an ad on TV, you know that they are all about encouraging people to “just do it” regardless of where they are starting from. 

Think: how do you want to make people feel about your brand? What do you want to be known for?


Last but not least, your brand message needs to spark interest and make people curious about your perspectives, methods, and philosophy. However, it is almost impossible to achieve this if you don’t have a clear and consistent brand message first. Once you have that, then you can strategically and effectively infuse other fun elements and copy hacks to move your ideal client to TAKE ACTION. How? You give them a tease and make your message interactive and conversational.

  1. What kind of relationship do you have with your customers/clients?
  2. What makes you YOU?
  3. What does your best friend say about you?

Whew! You’ve done the hard part — now it’s time to put all the pieces together! I know, crafting a clear messaging is no joke. It’s a lot of work. But, it’s soooo worth it, trust me!


Grab my free workbook and start taking the next step in the right direction. Remember, it’s not about crafting the most compelling paragraph about your business. It’s about digging deeper into why you love your work and believing it has the power to change lives.

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